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Ludos Pro platform offers a wide range of features customization and resources including activities, games, points, rewards, and missions (amongothers) that will increase knowledge and engagement in day-to-day tasks using techniques of gamification and storytelling.



Create a narrative through stories where audiovisual resources are used along with words. Delight and engage the audience through a ludic and customized message increasing content engagement and absorption.

storytelling gamificação
avatar gamificação


An avatar is the user's personification. Provide the opportunity of identification by offering the possibility of creating a virtual character with different options of profiles, styles, clothes, and accessories.


Points, Levels, and Progress

Apply a point system according to the user's performance in their activities, each with its own specific characteristics and needs. Together with the mechanics of “levelling up,” monitor and stimulate the player’s progression as needed.

nivel gemificação
missões gamificações

Missions and Medals

Create missions (individual orcollective) and reward your audiencewith medals to motivate engagement, and complete specific tasks in line with the company goals and targets.


Games and Activities

Combine traditional methods of content transmission with fusing different types of game mechanics to create interaction, learning, and better absorption of information.

jogos gamificação
moedas gamificação

Coins and Prizes

Boost engagement using (virtual) coins that can be traded for physicalor virtual prizes offered to recognize and reward the users' efforts in their activities.

feed de notícias

News Feed

An area dedicated to trading information with users like publishing texts, photos, videos, and comments. The interactions provided by the news feed increase the engagement on the platform and offer a different form of contact with the audience, which is essential in any modern organization.

feed de notícias gamificação
métricas gamificação

Metrics and Reports

Monitor the key metrics of the learning process in real time and measure the entire user's journey. Set goals, make assessments, and continue interactions to maximize the potential of your training programs with a wide range of data.


Create a customized experience to your business needs. In line with your team's challenges, we'll identify the gamification strategies best suited to your business goals. Through a modularized implementation and customized appearance of your brand identity, we are able to develop a unique experience.

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inteligencia de dados

Data Intelligence

Measure results and get a clear view of the user’s entire learning process.

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Our gamification solution have already been used by several companies!

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Av. Nova Independência, 87 - 9º andar - São Paulo/SP • CEP 04570-000
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