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Bring more innovation and improve productivity by making your corporate learning environment more interactive and less tedious.

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There are more than 1 million people benefiting from our solution

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We are an Edtech and we aim to democratize and transform the learning process through technology and gamification.

Corporate University
A playful and motivating learning environment.
Incentive Campaigns
Improved engagement and increased productivity.
Team Training
Improve your team's skills.
Employee Onboarding
A more social and immersive experience!

Speed up the learning curve

Create a learning track with different themes, narratives, mechanics and content, targeted specifically for each type of audience, increasing the immersion and absorption of training.

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Boost performance

Our solution offers a complete gamification scenario combining traditional content techniques with the interactivity, immersion and engagement of games.

And best of all, you don’t need to be an expert on the subject!


Optimize investments

A complete and affordable SaaS solution for businesses and organizations of any size.

Eliminate geographic barriers and bring people together at any time and place, increasing the effectiveness and scalability of your training processes.

Create without limits

With Ludos Pro you are free to create a gamified and tailored learning journey.

We have everything you need to personalize your training and create a playful and innovative environment.

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An engaged team and real results for companies and people

1 million
people trained through our solution
90 %
of satisfaction

in training
+ 80 %
reduction of

training time
+ 90 %
of engagement in the contents

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