About Guiaderodas

A technology company in favor of accessibility. Born out of the need of its founder, Bruno Mahfuz, a wheelchair user since 2001, Guiaderodas aims to provide a more autonomous and inclusive life for all.


The challenge

In addition to an application where it is possible to register and consult accessible places worldwide, Guiaderodas also offers training and certification for companies not only to create accessible physical environments, but also accessible attitudes. Thus, the challenge was to develop an online training, comprehensive for companies in different segments and capable of engaging different employee profiles.



To create the training and bring employees closer to the content covered, we tell the story of 6 different characters within the storytelling process, each one reporting their daily challenges related to accessibility.



Ana (Wheelchair), Roberto (Person with Hearing Impairment), Satoshi (Person with Visual Impairment), Ubirajara (Elderly), Ali (Pregnant Woman) and Edu (Injured Person).

All activities brought provocations that go unnoticed by most people, but which are great challenges for people with reduced mobility, such as step height, and even speech modes.

When carrying out the activities, users accumulate points for a ranking and coins to exchange in the item store, in addition to collecting medals and leaving the program’s certificates. The entire learning process is done by combining traditional content techniques, such as videos, and playful techniques from different game mechanics.

There are hundreds of people monthly trained, with an average performance above 92%.



Average performance