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Apply gamification to your business. Identify behaviors, improve your training and increase engagement and performance.

01 Financeiras

Financial Institutions

  • Banks, investment funds, credit unions, etc.
02 Governamental


  • Tourism, infrastructure and development, health, education, environment, etc.
03 Seguros

Insurance Companies

  • Life, vehicle, residential, corporate insurance companies, etc.
04 Educacional


  • Universities, schools, e-learning, technical and specialization courses, etc.
05 Varejo


  • Department stores and electronics, department stores, supermarkets, etc.
06 Telecomunicacoes


  • Telephone, radio and television companies, internet providers, etc.
07 Saude

Health and Wellness Area

  • Hospitals, private clinics, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, etc.
08 Servicos

Service Industry

  • HR consultancies, content providers, law firms, architecture, etc.
09 Turismo

Tourism Field

  • Travel and tourism agencies, hotels, airlines, etc.
10 Midia

Media and Entertainment

  • Radio, television, advertising and event agencies, etc.
11 Industria


  • Automotive, chemical, metallurgical, textile, electronics, transportation, etc.
12 Gamificacao

Let's talk about Gamification?

Integrations that make your day to day easier.

Speed up the content creation process with some of the main tools on the market.

Discover the integrations
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Ludos Pro

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A single solution for your business.

Ludos Pro is the complete solution to training and employees integration, business enablement, inventive campaigns and more. 

We help to transform the learning environment into a completely new experience. Through complete and interactive techniques, engage any group of people in a unique immersion scenario that leads the user on a journey to achieve the strategic goals that were set. 

  • Mobility: Designed for computers, smartphones and tablets.

  • Customization: Use your branding and create with no boundaries.

  • Gamification: Your content in a playful and interactive environment. 

  • Learning: knowledge trails and micro-learning. 

  • Data Intelligence: Complete and effective real-time reporting.

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