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Up to 50 users

$ 149,00/month

$ 1,609.00/year

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Up to 150 users

$ 249,00/month

$ 2.689,00/year

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Up to 500 users

$ 349,00/month

$ 3.769,00/year

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What are the payment methods?

Nowadays the payments are by bank transfer, credit card or bank slips.

How can I change the current plan?

To request change of plans, contact through Fale Conosco subject “changing plans” and specify your current plan and the new one.
If you want to change for an upper plan, you will be charged the difference between the price of the current plan and the new one.
The new price will be charged on the next billing date.
The change for a lower plan will be charged on the next billing date. In this case, if the change is requested before the date of the plan renovation, there will not be chargeback on the difference of the price between the current plan and the new plan.

What happens if I exceed my plan users’ limit?

If you users’ number are exceeded, this is a positive sign, it means that your business is thriving. Don’t worry, we have a 10% rate with no additional costs.
If you exceed this rate, it will be charged the difference between the current plan and the new one. The new price starts on the next billing date.

How is the implementation price set in the Premium plan?

We know that not all the companies have the same needs. Due to this, the price of the Premium plan is set according to the customer’s needs, the project difficulty, the amount of consulting and implementation work.

How are the number of users calculated for each plan?

One user means, basically, that one person logs or logged in the platform during the contract period at least once. The person is detected by email address or any other information the person used to access the platform. On the control panel the person’s is designated as “Active user”.

Can I access a product demo or a free trial?

You can request a demo guided by one of our experts. He or she will show all the features and answer all questions you may have.

How do I cancel the plan?

To cancel your plan, send and email to Fale Conosco with the subject: “PLAN CANCELING” or contact one of our experts requesting for help on the cancelation process. If the plans Starter, Growth and Enterprise are cancelled after the starting period in the contract, you will be charged for your current plan, having access until the renovation period ends. If the customer wants to cancel the Premium plan, it will be done as it was agreed in contract. To sign to a new plan, the customer has 7 days to get a refund for the total amount.

Is there a minimum acquisition period?

Our experience with more than 300,000 people trained, demonstrates that there is a minimum period to obtain learning and engagement results. Therefore, we consider a contractual term of at least 12 months. If you have any questions, you can speak to one of our consultants.

Are there any implementation costs?

Yes. The setup (or implementation) is a process carried out by our experts and aims to shorten the configuration process and the learning curve for using the platform.

It is through it that we prepare your environment to receive courses and training, in addition to providing practical guides and the initial step-by-step instructions that will guide you through this new learning and engagement experience.

Setup values ​​may vary according to plan type and/or demand.