About All Nations group: 

The All Nations Group operates in the most varied technology segments in Brazil, and its structure has 3 large distribution centers strategically spread across the country, in the states of SC, ES and RJ. In addition, they are also supported by international logistics offices in the United States and China.


The challenge:

With more than 25 years in the market, and with the intention of improving its internal processes, the All Nations Group needed a platform that would unify different types of training and present them in a more interactive and engaging way.


The project:

The Mundus platform emerged, a gamified environment with a storytelling of travel around the world, which houses different training courses for company employees. For the pilot project, the Onboarding content was gamified and adapted to more than 15 different game mechanics, creating interactive learning tracks. When going through each of the activities, employees learned both about the All Nations Group and about the company’s benefits and code of conduct, receiving points, coins and medals as a reward.




The All Nations Group currently has more than 200 employees in the project with 87% engagement, in addition to offering content trails, with an average performance of 85% in the activity modules. In this way it was possible to create a uniform learning process and centralize the knowledge resources, unifying the different types of training.





Engagement rate