About All Nations group: 

The All Nations Group operates in the most varied technology segments in Brazil, and its structure has 3 large distribution centers strategically spread across the country, in the states of SC, ES and RJ. In addition, they are also supported by international logistics offices in the United States and China.


The challenge:

The company’s major challenge, in addition to ensuring access for all employees, was to present a narrative that spoke to the different realities, presenting the importance and role of each one within CPFL’s strategic planning.

The project:

In order to present this program effectively to all its employees, especially in times of social distance, the company relied on the Ludos Pro platform in a one-month campaign, where players followed the journey of 4 characters with their own challenges, all related to the behaviors outlined by the company and pointing out how to carry them out in a practical and simple way. Access was guaranteed through a web version, responsive for mobile and desktop.


There were more than 30 games and activities that earned points for players, classifying them in segmented rankings and distributing medals and certificates of completion. In addition, CPFL’s Nosso Jeito de Ser platform also featured a virtual store of items, bringing even more engagement into the environment.




The platform achieved a 99.3% engagement rate during its 5-week campaign and had an average performance across all content modules of 94.3%, showing the effectiveness of activities on the employees’ learning path.

With the work carried out by the CPFL and Ludos Pro team, the game Nosso Jeito de Ser was a great success for the company, becoming one of the best initiatives in the presentation of the Group’s new culture driver.



“The partnership with Ludos Pro made all the difference to engage our thousands of employees in our new behavior model throughout 2020. Through a GAME platform, launched on the air in just over 30 days, on our new Way of Being, we managed to promote an important learning journey about our skills in a light, fun and interactive way.


The day-to-day work with the entire Ludos team, always willing to overcome obstacles and taking care that the mechanics and descriptions of our GAME were really accurate, contributed a lot to the final result, where we received hundreds of feedbacks from employees excited about activation, be it with the democratic challenges of GAME, purchases in the store of virtual and physical gifts or with the healthy competition promoted among colleagues in their areas. There were more than 2 thousand active players on the platform, who understood Our Way of Being playing;) ”- Livia Cabral – Corporate Communication Directorate





Engagement rate